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The researchers utilised a pre-test and post-test equivalent group design for this purpose. The study population comprised all 2334 eighth-grade pupils enrolled in Government Boys Schools in District Sudhnuti, AJ&amp;K, Pakistan. Forty eighth-grade pupils from Government Boys High School Talawari, District Sudhnuti, AJ&amp;K, constituted the study sample. A self-designed pre-test was used to select students for the experimental and control groups.&nbsp; A post-test was created and given to the experimental and control groups after the investigation concluded. Proficient individuals in English language instruction and pedagogy validated the research instruments. Approximately 12% of the material was denied based on the expert judgmental validity. Pilot testing was conducted with ten eighth-grade pupils not included in the sample. Materials deemed excessively basic or complex were eliminated by the findings of the pilot testing. To assess the internal consistency of the items, the Kuder-Richardson formula was utilised in conjunction with SPSS (version 21) in this investigation. Experimental findings indicate that English instructors in AJ&amp;K do not employ the Direct Method to improve English listening skills at the elementary level. Therefore, empirical evidence suggests that English instructors at the elementary level in AJ&amp;K use the Direct Method of English Instruction to improve students' listening skills. Furthermore, it is recommended that English instructors employ CAI and CBL in conjunction with Direct Methods instruction to enhance the listening proficiency of elementary students in AJ&amp;K, Pakistan.</p> Mehtab Hussain Dr. Muhammad Ishaq Abdul Karim Muhammad Rifaqat Copyright (c) 2023 International Research Journal of Education and Innovation 2023-12-31 2023-12-31 4 4 1 11 An Analytical Study of the Challenges Faced by Cooperative Teachers during the Practicum Process in Sindh Province <p>One of the most important jobs that an educational institution ensures, is to guide its students from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge, skills and attitude through learning experiences. The most crucial component of every educational program is the teacher. At every level, the primary person in charge of carrying out the educational process is the teacher. This demonstrates how crucial it is to find teacher preparation in order to ensure a State's future. The significance of proficient educators in the state's educational system cannot be overstated (Abdullah, et, al,2020).</p> <p><strong>Methodology:</strong>&nbsp; The study was descriptive in nature with qualitative approach, in which purposive sampling of the students was undertaken from the Public sector institutions, and Universities of Sindh Province. After cleaning data 13 samples were finalized and used for data collection through interview.</p> <p><strong>Data Analysis:</strong>&nbsp; Thematic analysis was used to analyze the data in this research study.</p> <p><strong>Findings:</strong> The analysis results demonstrate a huge communication gap among the cooperating teachers and others that creates hurdle to carry on the program efficiently. Along with this the study highlights that there is a prodigious need of bridge to be built that may comfort to guide the subject properly. Cooperation and coordination are known as the great pillars to support and maintain institutional matters. However, here it lacks this and proves to create many collaborative issues. This research study disclosed that the school heads are reluctant to be aware of the importance of practicum and were loath to welcome the prospective teachers despite of motivation given by the practicum coordinators some of them were not prepared to accept the prospective teachers, It is also found that the practicum in fact is of great significance but it is undervalued by the cooperating teachers. This may be due to the lack of incentives offered to the cooperating teachers, they viewed practicum as wastage of time along with this they show mistrust on the supervisors because cooperating teachers feel undue interference in their official work and feel fear to be reported about their performance to their authorities and concerned departments.</p> Dr. Murtaza Ali Laghari Dr. Abdul Sattar Gopang Dr. Zubair Ahmed Chachar Dr. Zohra Khowaja Copyright (c) 2023 International Research Journal of Education and Innovation 2023-12-31 2023-12-31 4 4 12 20