A Study on Effects of Co-Curricular Activities on Academic Achievements of Public Secondary School Students of Zarghoon Town Quetta


  • Dr. Abdul Nasir Kiazai MPhil scholar Institute of Education and Research UOB, Quetta
  • Dr. Abdul Nasir Kiazai Director Institute of Education and Research (IER), University of Balochistan Quetta




Co-curricular Activities, Achievements, Students, Quetta, Academic, Indicate, Improvement


The study was conducted to examine the effect of Co-Curricular-Activities on Academic-achievement of Secondary School Students in District Quetta. The purpose of this study is find out that how much boys and girls have interest and participation in Co-Curricular-Activities. The study is Exploratory in nature and author used the Pearson Correlation to explore the relation between Co-Curricular-Activities and Academic Achievement. Co-Curricular-Activities is the Independent Variable and Academic-achievement as Dependent Variable of this study. The population of this study is all the Secondary Schools of District Quetta. The researcher selected the sample of 386 (191 Boys and 195 Girls) secondary school students of grade 10th from 10 different secondary schools of Zarghoon Town, Quetta. The author of the study used the Stratified random sampling technique and carried out the Questionnaire Survey method to examine the relationship of Co-Curricular-Activities with Academic-Achievements using the Class 9th annual examination of Balochsitan Board, Quetta. The analysis of the data in this study revealed that boy’s students were more active in Co-Curricular-Activities in secondary level. The Pearson Correlation value indicates that Co-Curricular-Activities has positive link with academics improvement.


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