Amin-ul-Ummah Hazrat Abu Ubaida Bin Jarrah Status and Position in Islam (A Historical Analysis)


  • Dr. Naseem Akhter Associate Professor, Department of Islamic Studies, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University, Peshawar, Pakistan



Islam, Ameen-ul-Umat, Abu Ubaida, Commander, Syria etc


Hazrat Abu Ubaida (RA) was noble personality of Islam and he belonged to the famous tribe of Quraesh at Makkah. Hazrat Abu Obadiah is one of the earliest followers and followers of Islam. He was a preacher of Islam and a dutiful general. He was a close associate of the Holy Prophet. He took part in many campaigns and was honored to raise the banner of Islam. Allah's Apostle gave him the title of Amin-ul-Ummah Besides, the Prophet called him the best man. He took part in many battles and showed the essence of bravery. In the time of Hazrat Abu Bakar, he was appointed the commander of the Muslim army sent to the front of Syria against the Roman forces. Due to his bravery Muslims became victorious and the entire country of Syria was conquered under his command۔ He was also the governor of Syria for some time. The publication of Islam includes his valuable services. This dissertation highlights the personality of Hazrat Abu Obadiah and his services to Islam.


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