Analytical Study of Tuman Buzdar Under the British Rule: A Historical Perspective


  • Muhammad Sadeeq Baloch Scholar Department of History, Ghazi University, D.G. Khan.
  • Sohail Akhtar Department of History, Ghazi University, D.G. Khan


Buzdar, Colonial, Dera Ghazi Khan, Resistance, Border, Tribal, etc


Buzdar is considered one of the important tribes of Dera Ghazi Khan and it remained under the colonial period with massive resistance against the colonial period. The Buzdar tribe is living on the border of Dera Ghazi Khan were a constant headache for the British administration. At, first the Government has given the responsibility of financing the Buzdar Sardar and collecting taxes from the area under British control. Shortly afterwards in 1857, they were relieved this responsibility. In the same year, a punitive campaign was decided against Buzdars.


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