Education is the Medium of Stable Society (In Islamic Perspective)


  • Prof Dr Matloob Ahmad Dean of Arts and Social Sciences, Head of Arabic & Islamic Studies Department, The University of Faisalabad.
  • Dr Ammara Rehman Assistant Professor Islamic Studies, The University of Faisalabad.
  • Dr Aijaz Ali Khoso Assistant prof university of Sufism Bhitshah



Education, Humanity, Community, Religion, Ethical Values, Issues


Education is very significance for all humanity. It starts from birth to last moment of life for all groups of populace instead of any distinction of Community, Belief, Rreligion and area. It is the way of gaining knowledge, worth, Expertise and any ethical values. The common person intense to take high kind of informatory of knowledge more than previous knowledge. Education is most important for each and every to upgrade  fresh knowledge. It is the medium of stable society. It is source to gain good economic place in all the fields of life. The education is the right of every person which he gains it from his birth. Education presents the solution of all the personal and social issues of society. Education performs an important part in all disciplines of life. The Islam has also declared the education compulsory for any individual in order to pass life in a good and peaceful life. So, we want to be much educated. It changes us totally from inner and outer side of by replace our brain and character as well as better our belief level. It convert our life entirely as it is positive in the world. It is stable society by what he perform his duties as best way in the light of Islamic teaching.


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